Frenchie Girls

Ch Annalee Capri Joli at Weywood

  Capri" Our  beginning. This little girl is a winner in our hearts. She is a great  ambassador for the breed and a friend to all she meets. She became an  AKC champion quickly.  

Ch Weywood's Private Stock

 Chablis- Ch. Weywood's Private Stock
            Cerf, patella and Jc Normal
            Capri x BIS Robb Isle Stock & Bonds  

Ch Weywood's Dark N' Stormy

 Margo- Ch. Weywood's Dark 'N Stormy.
            cerf and patella  normal. Spine ofa
Cysturina clear 1-1 Jc clear by parentage.
            Spine OFA . Soleil x Bucca  

Ch. Adore's Peppermint Twist

Peppermint-  A'vigdor's Noblesse Oblige x Ch Adore's Spot On Cerf patella and Spine Cysturina clear 1-1 

Weywood's Dear Prudence

Prudence - Scotch x Peppermint. This young girl is just starting her show career.

Weywood's Black Cherry Sangria,

Gria,   Bucca x Chablis. CERF, patella, JC, DM, Cysturina Clear/Normal