Wall of Fame ~ our champions

Bred By Champions

 Champions we have bred
1.   Ch Lick-Yas American Beauty 

   2.  Ch Weywood's Chantilly Lace ROM  

3.  Ch Weywood's Show Me The Money 

 4.  Ch Weywood's Halftime Peep Show

5.  Ch Weywood's Cha-ching ROM

6.  Ch Weywood's Head Turner 

 7.  Ch Lick- Ya Weywood's Jackie Oh

 8.  GCh Lick-Ya HeartnSoul I Luv Troubl

 9.  Ch Weywood's Rich and Famous

 10.  Ch Weywood's For Richer or For Poorer

11.  Ch Weywood's Rags to Riches

12.  BISS GCH Ch Lick-Ya Weywood's Rockin Kid a Cruisin

13.  Ch Lick-Ya Weywood Sister Act

14.  Ch Weywood Omega's Rocky Rogue

 15. GCh Weywood's Knockout Kismet

Bred by Champions

16.  UKC AKC Ch Lick-ya Weywood Sweetest Memorie of Julibra

17.  Ch. Lick-ya Weywood's Catching Rays

18.  Ch. Lick-ya Weywood A Dozen Roses

19.  Hr. Ch Weywood's Rich Heritage

20.  Ch. Weywood's Wanna Be Rich Like Me

21. GCh. Weywood's Outrageous Fortune

22. Ch. Weywood's Poor Little Rich Girl

23. Ch. Weywood's Fancy Tophat

24. Am Ch. & Canadian Ch. Weywood's Fortune 500

25. Ch. Weywood's Hall of Fame 

26. Ch. Weywood's Private Stock (frenchie) 

27. MBISS GCH Weywood's Wizard of Menlo Park

28.  BISS GCH Weywood's Fortune Knocks

29. Ch. Weywood's Dark 'N Stormy (frenchie)
30. Ch. Weywood's Hot Scotch Nightcap (frenchie) 

31. China Jr Ch. Weywood's Hot on The Strings (frenchie)

Dogs that we have Championed

1. Ch KC's High Faluten Captain

2. Ch San-D's Sizzlin Jackpot 

3. MBISS GCH CH Keynotes Knockout Kid  ROM* 

4. Ch T-Party's Ez4U2Nv

5. Ch Sunwood's Shady Deal
6. Ch. Chaseland's Bass Bullard

7. Ch Adore's Peppermint Twist 

8. Ch. Annalee's Blanco Tornado 

 French Bulldog 

9. Ch. Adair's I'M Jet Black- English Toy Spaniel 

10. Ch Annalee's Joli Capri at Weywood - French Bulldog

11. Ch Adair's Black Reisling At Weywood - English Toy Spaniel

12. Madde Adiar A Whole New World ETS