Adoption Questionnaire

Please call us before filling out the questionnaire. 

Words of Wisdom

Please do not bargain shop when getting a pet...

....a sick pet is what you’ll get,

go to a breeder or pay the vet,

choose a preservation breeder for a 

healthy pet.

G. Weyandt 


Frenchies Available

Available Gorgeous  brindle FRENCHIE Males dob 7/5/18 Please email for details. 

Please email us for instructions to get on our waiting list. 

  Our beautiful babies are from parents that we have put a lot of time and effort into health testing and showing. They not mail order, online puppymill  puppies. They are from carefully and purposefully bred, health tested parents. You can expect to pay $3500 to $5000 for a frenchie from health tested show parents. Please be careful of where you get your frenchies from. There are a ton of online scams. if you think you found a bargain, you are probably being scammed. You do not want to get a "rare" color frenchie. These are not good breeders and typically do not health test. There are no bargains when purchasing a frenchie and there are no rare colored french bulldogs, only poorly bred dogs marketed for their coloring.  Please visit the French Bulldog Club of America website for more information. 

Email Only at this time. Please. 


  • Do your homework - 
  • Find a breeder your comfortable with
  • Find a breeder who is knowledgeable in the breed
  • Find a breeder who does health testing
  • Find a breeder who will let you visit their home or somewhere that you can see adults and puppies and interact with them. Not in a parking lot.
  • Find a breeder who knows their pups and can assist you in the right placement.
  • Meet at least on parent and if possible both
  • REMEMBER QUALITY PAYS IN THE LONG RUN. This is not the time to bargain shop, 15 years is a longtime. You should do everything in your power to find the healthiest pet available.


  • Do Not have your pup shipped to you. Go and pick your pup up and pay for it, in full, once you see it. Deposits of half of balance are acceptable.
  • Do Not Buy from someone who has aggressive dogs
  • Don't buy your dog from a parking lot or flea market 
  • Do not Buy from someone who breeds many other of  dogs
  • Do not ship your puppy, you have no clue how it was raised. Go get it and meet it in person. 
  • Do not buy from someone who doesn't utilize the tests mentioned above, they are available to all.
  • Don't buy from someone who cannot answer all your questions

Do remember that the cheapest  dog usually comes at a much high price.... later in life. 

Requirements and Policies


Our pups have been vet checked, had first shots and if older have 2 nd shot. They are on a de worming schedule. They have had a complete physical by our vet, all checked out with tight knees (bad knees or Luxating Patellas are rampant in the Boston breed), normal hearts, lung etc.... We can provide you with the paperwork. We even start to potty train our pups before they leave our homes. And with our guidance, our pups make an easy transition to their new homes. Most feedback from new homes, is that the pup had few potty accidents.   We also test the parents for Juvenile cataracts and CERF for other eye diseases. All of our dogs have had their patellas checked and are normal. Most of our adults dogs have been BAER (hearing) tested. Our adult dogs do not have skin diseases, seizures, chronic ear infections or allergies.  These tests have been done on the dogs we own for eight or more generations. You will pay more for a pup from us and not what you  would pay for a pup of unknown origins, from the newspaper. What you will get is a dog from a long line of health tested parents with known ancestors and a traceable history also Breeders with over 60yrs. combined experience who specialize in Boston terriers and French Bulldogs. How many people can say that, one breed of dog has been in their family, like the boston terrier has been in mine, since 1920?    Many times someone will say "I just want a pet, I don't want a show dog"   Our pets and show dogs come from the same litter, they have the same genetic make up, same healthy parents and they cost me just the same to raise. The entire litter has our all our experience, hard work and health testing, not just the show dogs. All pups are treated the same whether they are pets or show dogs.  Our Vets don't give discounts for "just pet pups." Here is the link to a great article on getting a dog from a show breeder  Our dogs are not hyper or aggressive, and the same goes for our pups. I prefer a mild mannered calm dog. I like a dog that plays but also a dog that will sit on the couch and watch TV too. All dogs that live here get along, including our intact males. Mostly, none of our dogs have to be separated due to aggression. When going to a breeder watch to see if, all the dogs are running and playing or if they are let out to meet you in shifts. Unless, there is a female in season. They should not have to be separated. I always tell prospective buyers that a Boston terrier and Frenchie should always be friendly with people and dogs, did I say always? Our pups are very well socialized, and they are handled from the time they are just hours old. They are also handled daily by our entire family including children, and are permitted to play with the adults after they get their first shots. By allowing the interaction with the adult bostons, our pups learn pack order which is instrumental in setting their personality. We do many things with our pups, to mold them into wonderful well adjusted adult dogs.   With your pup you will also get a Puppy Guide, filled with over 60 years of combined canine experience, that my Mother and I have composed for our new families. We are also available anytime day or night for questions, that you may have for your pup through out it's lifetime. We "welcome back" any of our dogs, ANYTIME, should their family not be able to keep them. As a matter of fact, many of our dogs, in home with mature adult families, are actually willed back to us. We do request that all prospective families and pets come to our homes to meet the pups before purchase. We DO NOT SHIP. We have had many families fly to us to get our puppies. We have placed Bostons all over the world and yes, they came to our homes to get their dog. Quite a few of our dogs even live with vets. We will also require potential families to have an initial informal phone interview and  to fill out anAdoption_questionnaire UPDATED.doc  41.5 KB    prior to seeing our pups. Then when everything checks out we will assist you in matching the perfect pup to your ideal requirements. I hope this help you in finding your new companion.